Month: February 2019

haymoncedric / February 10, 2019

Who Craves Sex More: Men Or Women?

Men and women crave different kinds of sex, and that is something that most people do not actually think about. They just assume that men love sex and women do not really like it. The thing about this that confuses people is that there are a lot of preferences at play. There are men who are not that interested in sex, and there are women who want to have sex multiple times per day.

1. How Do Men View Sex?

Most men view sex as an act of ownership because they are inside their partner. This is a much more aggressive stance on sex, but there are also men who do not see sex like that at all. That means that there is a disconnect between where men are and where women are. There are some men who will not always be that into sex, and sometimes they need to be in the mood. Not all men are going to be into sex all the time, and they should be given their freedom to say no.

2. How Do Women View Sex?

Most women view sex as a way to connect to someone else, and they will use sex to get close to people. This is a much more intimate experience for them, and they must be given the chance to express themselves sexually by being intimate and conencted. That means that a lot of women will not be that aggressive, and they also need to be in the mood. This bring sup a view of sex that a lot of people do not ever talk about because they think that demisexuality is not real.

3. Demisexuality

Being demisexual is something that a lot of people do not think of because they just assume that that is how attraction works. However, there are people who literally feel no attraction at all unless they have real feelings for someone. a big part of the population is not like that at all because they can find someone attractive and have a one night stand with no problem. They can have sex as much as they want with or without feelings, and that discounts the demisexuals who need to have some feelings about them.

4. Women Have Different Relations With Women

Women often have different relations with women because both women want to be connected while they are having sex. This means that they tend to have much more intimate sex, and they can take their time because they are working on the connection that they do not have with others. They might need to fill a hole lives, and that is where they start using sex to feel as though they are connected and a part of someone’s life.

5. Men Have Different Relations With Men

Men tend to go with the bottom and top roles very easily because they do see sex as something of an act of ownership. One man wants to be owned, and the other like to be dominant. This means that these couples see sex completely differently because they are acting out the roles that men prefer to use in sexual terms. There are some men who are not going to feel like this, but for the most part, that is how men see sex.

6. The Dichotomy

The dichotomy that we have between men and women has been made up by the media because it looks good in TV and movies. That is not how people are most of the time, and everyone has a relationship that is not necessarily dictated by those rules. The men who are more submissive can have a lot of fun with their dominant female partners, and there are many women who will love to be aggressive with their equally-aggressive girlfriend.

7. Talk To Your Partner

You must talk to your partner if you want to know how they feel about sex, and you will find that they are not exactly like everyone else. The people that are learning about their partners are having the best sex because they know what their partners want. They know how their partners are, and they can have better sex because they are really in-tune with each other.

8. Conclusion

The men and women around the world who try to fit into the stereotype are not going to have good sex like the people who are thinking about how this really works. The people who are communicating are having the best sex, and they love being intimate with the person they know well because the two of them are Viking in a way that most other people could not. This is a very good thing for people who talk, and it is should be a lesson to others who are not talking to their partners about sex.