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haymoncedric / February 10, 2019

Who Craves Sex More: Men Or Women?

Men and women crave different kinds of sex, and that is something that most people do not actually think about. They just assume that men love sex and women do not really like it. The thing about this that confuses people is that there are a lot of preferences at play. There are men who are not that interested in sex, and there are women who want to have sex multiple times per day.

1. How Do Men View Sex?

Most men view sex as an act of ownership because they are inside their partner. This is a much more aggressive stance on sex, but there are also men who do not see sex like that at all. That means that there is a disconnect between where men are and where women are. There are some men who will not always be that into sex, and sometimes they need to be in the mood. Not all men are going to be into sex all the time, and they should be given their freedom to say no.

2. How Do Women View Sex?

Most women view sex as a way to connect to someone else, and they will use sex to get close to people. This is a much more intimate experience for them, and they must be given the chance to express themselves sexually by being intimate and conencted. That means that a lot of women will not be that aggressive, and they also need to be in the mood. This bring sup a view of sex that a lot of people do not ever talk about because they think that demisexuality is not real.

3. Demisexuality

Being demisexual is something that a lot of people do not think of because they just assume that that is how attraction works. However, there are people who literally feel no attraction at all unless they have real feelings for someone. a big part of the population is not like that at all because they can find someone attractive and have a one night stand with no problem. They can have sex as much as they want with or without feelings, and that discounts the demisexuals who need to have some feelings about them.

4. Women Have Different Relations With Women

Women often have different relations with women because both women want to be connected while they are having sex. This means that they tend to have much more intimate sex, and they can take their time because they are working on the connection that they do not have with others. They might need to fill a hole lives, and that is where they start using sex to feel as though they are connected and a part of someone’s life.

5. Men Have Different Relations With Men

Men tend to go with the bottom and top roles very easily because they do see sex as something of an act of ownership. One man wants to be owned, and the other like to be dominant. This means that these couples see sex completely differently because they are acting out the roles that men prefer to use in sexual terms. There are some men who are not going to feel like this, but for the most part, that is how men see sex.

6. The Dichotomy

The dichotomy that we have between men and women has been made up by the media because it looks good in TV and movies. That is not how people are most of the time, and everyone has a relationship that is not necessarily dictated by those rules. The men who are more submissive can have a lot of fun with their dominant female partners, and there are many women who will love to be aggressive with their equally-aggressive girlfriend.

7. Talk To Your Partner

You must talk to your partner if you want to know how they feel about sex, and you will find that they are not exactly like everyone else. The people that are learning about their partners are having the best sex because they know what their partners want. They know how their partners are, and they can have better sex because they are really in-tune with each other.

8. Conclusion

The men and women around the world who try to fit into the stereotype are not going to have good sex like the people who are thinking about how this really works. The people who are communicating are having the best sex, and they love being intimate with the person they know well because the two of them are Viking in a way that most other people could not. This is a very good thing for people who talk, and it is should be a lesson to others who are not talking to their partners about sex.

haymoncedric / November 18, 2018

How Important Is Sex For Women?

Sex is an important component of most relationships because you get to know someone in an intimate way that you literally cannot know them otherwise. However, it is not the most important thing in the world. You must consider how much sex is important to women because there are varying degrees of what women want out of sex depending on the situation. Read more to learn how women approach sex because they have varying degrees of importance.

1. Sex Is Good

Any woman who is not asexual will say that sex is nice, but it might not be the biggest deal in her life. She knows that it feels good, but that does not mean that she will place it over other things in her life. Some women love sex so much that they need to have it every day. You really need to ask your lady which kind of woman she is. It is better just to find out what she needs so that you know if you can even meet her needs at all.

2. Women Have Fetishes Too

Women have just as many fetishes as men, and they must be explored so that women can have a healthy relationship with sex. They need to be given some time to figure out what they like, and the two of you can work together to have a good time while learning about these things. That also means that you are going to give your lady a chance to try things she might turn out to not like. This is all part of the process, and it can all help her have more fun during sex.

3. She Can Shut Herself Down

Most women are not going to be in the mood for sex at the worst times of their lives or days. Movies and TV are lying to you as they try to show you people having sex at the hardest times of their lives. This is just not the case, and this is an even more pronounced truth with women. Women know there is a time and a place for everything, and they will not allow sex to get in ther way of something serious that is going on in their lives.

4. Women Are Not Always Submissive

Women are portrayed as submissive in the media because that usually satisfies the male gaze, but that does not mean that all women are like that. There are many women who are very dominant, and they would prefer to be that way in their relationships. They might like being both dominant and submissive, and it makes much more sense to simply ask her what she likes because all ladies are different.

5. Women Are More Comfortable With Sex

Women can have sex and wait a couple days to have sex again where many men cannot. Women are willing to allow the glow of sex to linger, and they know that it was something they can relish if it was really good. It is very hard for a man to understand this because he usually goes right to thinking about his next time.

6. Women Have Perspective On Sex

Women have perspective on sex that men do not have. They know that this sex was good and this sex was bad. They know that some sex can be very rough and other sex can be very gentle. Women are not going to have rough sex one time and just assume that all their sex has to be rough. However, men tend to assume this. This can be a very big problem, and that is why it is important that the men in a relationship are asking women about how they feel about sex.

7. The Male Gaze

Not all women are trying to satisfy the male gaze. There are a lot of lesbians and bisexual women out there who want to be seen as sexy by women, and that is a completely different thing from satisfying a man. Being a femme is something that many women take very seriously, and they see sex as much more about connection than they do about raw lust. These women often prefer to be with other women because they know that it is much safer. Men who are dating bisexual women need to ask how this impacts them because it could inform them on how to have better sex.

8. Conclusion

Sex is important to women, but it is not the most important thing that happens to them every day. They have a way of putting perspective on things that men cannot. They know how to make certain that sex will be just one part of their life instead of letting it take over, and they also know how to have sex in many ways instead of just being rough or soft.

haymoncedric / June 30, 2018

7 Things You Should Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city to visit and explore. There are many things to do that can make for an incredible trip that is full of great memories to enjoy for a lifetime. Las Vegas has earned the name sin city for a reason and there are a wide range of different sinful options available for any enterprising person.

Let it Ride

One of the big attractions of Las Vegas trips are the ability to gamble legally and in whatever quantity you want. Las Vegas has a wide range of different casino games to play. They also hold gambling tournaments like the World Series of Poker to enjoy. Put it all on the line with a big bet at a casino in Vegas and live a little. Win or lose you will gain some incredibly interesting experience that is something new and different.

Grab an Great Meal

Vegas has great dining options for high quality dining with fancy world renowned chefs who can make exquisite meals. Try one of these upper tier meals and forget your wallet for the evening. You may be able to have an interesting and entirely special meal while in Vegas.

Fill Up at a Buffet

Vegas is more than simply upper echelon meals. Many of the casinos also have these wonderful buffets where you can stuff yourself silly. From breakfast meals to specialty sushi buffets, Vegas has some incredibly enticing buffet options to enjoy.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Las Vegas has a great nightlife with many bars and high quality nightclubs to enjoy. Visit the strip and off strip bars and nightlife. Look for different shows and music themes. Many top djs play Vegas events and nightclubs and the sheer quantity of the events ensure reasonably priced options exist for those looking to go out and party. T

Visit a Strip Club

For some less pc fun there are strip clubs in Las Vegas that can provide you with a wolf and entertaining experience. Vegas Strip clubs, more so than similar venues across the country, tend to have more involved and wilder shows, often with beautiful models and professionally trained dancers.

Visit a Convention Show

From the electronics shows to the World Series of Poker, there are all types of different conventions and shows that appeal to anyone. Las Vegas is even home to the adult awards show and this can make for a memorable trip. Choose your trip to Begas that fits into the show or convention that most appeals to your tastes and plan accordingly. Vegas has a convention show for anyone, whether your tastes be video games or porn.

Engage in Sinful Activities

Nevada is the only state in the United States where prostitution is legal. That makes visiting an escort in Las Vegas a great opportunity to let loose and experience something and someone new and exiting with escorts in Vegas.

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It is more safe to visit an escort agency in Vegas where the escorts are screened beforehand and are checked beforehand and the experienced is more regulated. Having said this, there are a large number of escort agencies in Las Vegas with different quality services. You will need to do your research to find the right Vegas escort agency to visit. However, the best may just be Runway escorts which has a great reputation in the city.

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Using an escort agency like Runway Escorts is a safe and reliable way to find great escorts at a reasonable cost and doesn’t lead to the same risks and uncertainties that using an independent escort can have.

There are many things to make your trip to Las Vegas memorable. Consider the aforementioned options and fund a vacation or trip that appeals to your pleasures, whether that be fine dining or visiting escorts in Vegas.

haymoncedric / June 15, 2018

Sheckys.com The Largest Escort Directory Available

Finding The Right Escort Through Sheckys Online

There are Las Vegas escorts, Miami escorts, Paris escorts, London escorts, New York escorts, Los Angeles escorts, and Toronto escorts among others on Sheckys.com, and you will find a lady that looks perfect while also giving you a good time and showing you around the city. You might be traveling for work, and it makes a lot of sense for you to start planning to have these ladies with you when you are on long trips. These women can accompany you at any time, and they will make the trip a little bit more enjoyable for you.

1. Where Do You Look?

You must look online to see all the ladies that are available because they help you see that there is a massive selection of ladies you could meet. These ladies will be more fun to be with because they know these places, and they give you tours of the city. You want to have a wonderful time in the city with someone who knows this area. You can go on the tours with these women, or you might go into your hotel room to have a private show.

2. What Is The Plan For Your Trip?

The plan for your trip should be to hang out with this lady for as long as you like, and you must be certain that you have figured out what you want this girl to do. You should ask her to have a bikini on at the pool, and you also need to be certain that you have asked her what she would like to do because she could give you advice about where you might want to go.

3. There Are Lots Of Ladies

You should go on Sheckys to see the ladies that you want to visit, and you must speak to the ladies online before you come to the city. They will talk to you about what you would do on this tour, and you could have the ladies in your hotel room so that you can both have a good time. You must ask them if you should plan to be in the room all day for a show, and you might ask them if other girls will come to the room to give you a show.

4. You Also Need To See If You Get More Time

You should be certain that you have talked to the ladies about what might be fun for you, and you also need to be certain that you have chosen something that will be fun for you both. She could tell you what she loves the most, and you could go out shopping or hang out at the pool. This means that you will have the very best time, and she will enjoy being with you enough that you could come back and visit her more and more.

5. How Long Do You Get Her?

You could get her time when you come to the city, and it will be fun for you to have this girl with you all day. You might want to have a lady with you who will talk to you about the things that bother you, and you should also be certain that you have talked to her about what her dreams are. She could be a nice friend, and it would be nice to have a lady that you can talk to when she is not dancing for you. You just have to be certain that you have chosen to meet a lady that you think you can hang out with.

6. What Is The Plan?

You should bring these girls with you to big dinners, and you might take them to big sporting events. You might want to have fun with the ladies when you go to the casino in Vegas, or you could take her on a riverboat to gamble. This is a really nice way for you to have fun in the city, and it is pretty easy for you to get her to show you these places. These women will love being with you because they get to have a time in the city, and they also show you the places that they love because they want to have some fun all over town.

7. Conclusion

There are many ladies who will give you the best time when you hire them as escorts. They will look perfect, and they will make you feel sexy when you are out with them. You might want to have the lady with you who is dressed up well, and you will begin to feel like everyone is envious for you. You get what you want out of the trip, and you will be very happy to have one of these gorgeous ladies with you in a sexy dress.