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Importance of Fluoride on Teeth’s Health

Importance of Fluoride on Teeth’s Health

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From the day, a child is born, the process of food consumption starts then and there. Food is necessary for survival, but we hardly care for the process of germ build up in the mouth that also starts from the same day.

Though, awareness about dental hygiene has resulted in the reduction of dental caries in the recent years; still lack of oral hygiene has always resulted in the higher instances of tooth decay. Many recent surveys have proven that introducing fluoride in the toothpastes prevents tartar and bacteria build up and avoid dental caries.

Though, regular dental checkups are imperative for a strong, tooth development, but the inclusion of fluoride in the daily diet plays an equally important role in the maintenance of a healthy mouth.

Benefits of Fluoride on Teeth

  • It can restrict the cavity formation by creating a protective layer that makes teeth resistant to acidic food and has the ability to reverse early forming dental caries.
  • It is also helpful in the treatment of tooth sensitivity. Nerve endings are blocked by the mineral on the exposed root surfaces and offer relief from tooth sensitivity.
  • It also alleviates the problem of gum bleeding in the early stages of gum disease and reduces gum tenderness.
  • If you are under dental treatment, fluoride becomes one of the best alternative for the prevention of infections.

The benefits of fluoride on teeth are immense. Fluoride deficiency in human beings leads to various problems. It does not only causes tooth decay, but can also prevent the onset of bone diseases like osteoporosis and also rectifies the problem of impaired hearing in the elderly people.

Toothpastes are one of the best sources to get fluoride. The Food and Nutrition Board have recommended a daily 4 milligrams of the intake of the concerned mineral in men and 3 milligrams for women. The optimum level of the mineral consumption must be achieved to have a healthy teeth and bones while overdose of the same can have many adverse effects on the teeth and body.

Vomiting, anemia, tooth discoloration and gas are the possible side-effects associated with its overdose. There is a very nice saying, “Excess of anything is bad” and it becomes imperative to observe the amount of daily fluoride dose regularly.

Considering a high-quality, fluoride toothpaste is essential for the maintenance of the good oral health that is also a gateway towards a healthy body. Fluoride based toothpastes are easily available in the market and are reasonable priced too. Just pick the one that seems suitable to you and  give a boost to your oral health.

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