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How Important Is Sex For Women?

Sex is an important component of most relationships because you get to know someone in an intimate way that you literally cannot know them otherwise. However, it is not the most important thing in the world. You must consider how much sex is important to women because there are varying degrees of what women want out of sex depending on the situation. Read more to learn how women approach sex because they have varying degrees of importance.

1. Sex Is Good

Any woman who is not asexual will say that sex is nice, but it might not be the biggest deal in her life. She knows that it feels good, but that does not mean that she will place it over other things in her life. Some women love sex so much that they need to have it every day. You really need to ask your lady which kind of woman she is. It is better just to find out what she needs so that you know if you can even meet her needs at all.

2. Women Have Fetishes Too

Women have just as many fetishes as men, and they must be explored so that women can have a healthy relationship with sex. They need to be given some time to figure out what they like, and the two of you can work together to have a good time while learning about these things. That also means that you are going to give your lady a chance to try things she might turn out to not like. This is all part of the process, and it can all help her have more fun during sex.

3. She Can Shut Herself Down

Most women are not going to be in the mood for sex at the worst times of their lives or days. Movies and TV are lying to you as they try to show you people having sex at the hardest times of their lives. This is just not the case, and this is an even more pronounced truth with women. Women know there is a time and a place for everything, and they will not allow sex to get in ther way of something serious that is going on in their lives.

4. Women Are Not Always Submissive

Women are portrayed as submissive in the media because that usually satisfies the male gaze, but that does not mean that all women are like that. There are many women who are very dominant, and they would prefer to be that way in their relationships. They might like being both dominant and submissive, and it makes much more sense to simply ask her what she likes because all ladies are different.

5. Women Are More Comfortable With Sex

Women can have sex and wait a couple days to have sex again where many men cannot. Women are willing to allow the glow of sex to linger, and they know that it was something they can relish if it was really good. It is very hard for a man to understand this because he usually goes right to thinking about his next time.

6. Women Have Perspective On Sex

Women have perspective on sex that men do not have. They know that this sex was good and this sex was bad. They know that some sex can be very rough and other sex can be very gentle. Women are not going to have rough sex one time and just assume that all their sex has to be rough. However, men tend to assume this. This can be a very big problem, and that is why it is important that the men in a relationship are asking women about how they feel about sex.

7. The Male Gaze

Not all women are trying to satisfy the male gaze. There are a lot of lesbians and bisexual women out there who want to be seen as sexy by women, and that is a completely different thing from satisfying a man. Being a femme is something that many women take very seriously, and they see sex as much more about connection than they do about raw lust. These women often prefer to be with other women because they know that it is much safer. Men who are dating bisexual women need to ask how this impacts them because it could inform them on how to have better sex.

8. Conclusion

Sex is important to women, but it is not the most important thing that happens to them every day. They have a way of putting perspective on things that men cannot. They know how to make certain that sex will be just one part of their life instead of letting it take over, and they also know how to have sex in many ways instead of just being rough or soft.

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