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Site What is the best practices and tips to WordPress website Maintenance? 
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Backup Your Website


Very often user backup their data. But it’s more important when you desperately need that but you can’t get it. It’s like an insurance policy. Your all hard work can be erased in the blink of an eye. You don’t want to be in that situation. We don’t need very often but the day you do, you’ll thank yourself.


Keep Your Files Up to Date


WordPress comes with the built-in option which updates WordPress core, plugins and themes. You should use the latest version and keep all your plugin and theme updated. This update reduces the chances of your file being affected.


There is few situation when the files are outdated. Like when premium plugin or theme’s license expired and it failed to check for an update.


Delete unused Plugins and Themes


If you’re like most people like to use or experiment different types of themes and plugins on your website, it’s fine. But remember to delete which is being unused by you.


WordPress Core Files


Updating WordPress core files is important because updating this reduces the chances of being hacked. WordPress issues regular updates to address any security concerns. You can check your updates manually.


Know more in detail here: WordPress Maintenance – An Advanced Guide [12 Tips]or visit our WordPress customer support page.